The Caminito Del Rey


The Caminito Del Rey, or also known as the King’s Path, has been considered the most dangerous pathway in the world. BUUUT, don’t worry, that title has become part of the past 😉


The Caminito was essentially built as a mode of transportation for the workers of the two hydroelectric plants. It also helped with the facilitation and management of the water channel. The first pathways were completed in 1905 and consisted of concrete and steel rails, with little to no railings. However, it was closed in 2001 by the regional Andalusian government due to the string of hiking deaths.


BUUUUT, don’t worry. It is completely safe now. In 2001, the regional Andalusian government and the local government of Málaga decided to restore the Caminito at a cost of $3.36 million dollars. After four extensive years of construction, the Caminito reopened in 2015, complete with wooden pathways and wire railings.


So, have I effectively talked you into going yet? 🙂 Even if you are afraid of heights, the view is SO worth it!


Here’s how you can walk the most dangerous pathway in the world:


Depending on where you are staying, you will need to take the train to El Churro where the Caminito is located. After you get off the train, you can either walk or take the bus to the drop off area. There’s a restaurant at the drop off area where you can get some last minute grub.


A short walk will you get you to a “preview” of  scenery of sorts. My friends and I hung out here while waiting for our scheduled Camino time.


The hike lasts around 2 to 2 and a half hours, depending on how fast you decide to walk. You can also walk the pathways with or without a guide. We went with a guide on the “English” tour. Honestly, I would not recommend going on the guided tour at all. My friends and I felt rushed during the Caminito and we wished we had more time to roam around and take pictures!


The Caminito del Rey was one of the most exhilarating experiences I have had! If you are brave enough, you should definitely spend your day on this hike.


Check out the video my friend Sallie made of the hike here!


Have you done the Caminito del Rey? Comment below 🙂




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